Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all of the jazziegirls (“Service Provider”) family of websites (the “Sites”), including this site, as well as any other Sites at which this Policy appears and which are owned/controlled by the Service Provider. This Policy describes how Service Provider uses information it obtains about its users when they visit one of the Sites and is inapplicable to information obtained about you through other channels. Please review this Policy carefully. If you have any questions about this Policy, please use out contact us page.

1. Revisions.

Service Provider reserves the unilateral right to modify this Policy from time-to-time.

a. By accessing, using, or joining this Site, you acknowledge that Service Provider possesses this unilateral right and that you will ensure that you stay up-to-date regarding changes to the Policy by checking it on a regular basis. You shall be bound by the terms of the Policy then in effect each time you access or use this Site.

b. Dates that the Policy is revised will be contained in the “Last Modified Date” on the top of this page. If you visit this page and see a new “Last Modified Date,” you agree that you shall review the Policy for revisions.

c. In the event of a conflict between this Policy and any Terms of Use for any Sites, this Policy shall control.

2. Use of Information.

The primary use of information collected by Service Provider is to provide you access to and enhance your experience on the Sites. More specifically, Service Provider collects information to provide you with varying levels of access to one or more of the Sites and to ensure you continue to have access to one or more of the Sites (e.g., for monthly payment purposes). As stated in Paragraph 3, Service Provider also uses cookies to collect information to tailor the Sites to your preferences and generally to make your visits more enjoyable. While those are the primary reasons Service Provider collects information, there are others, including:

a. Advertising and Marketing. Service Provider uses cookies and other passively collected information to improve its advertising and to improve the applicability of its advertising to your interests. Collected information may also be used for general market research and to track the interests of current and former members to one or more of the Sites. Service Provider is not responsible for the collection, use, or security of any information, sensitive, personally-identifying, or otherwise, that you voluntarily share with an advertiser.

b. Operation. Service Provider may share your information if it becomes necessary to operate one or more of the Sites properly. This may include sharing information with a third-party vendor to collect fees or other monies owed by you. Service Provider may also share your information to prevent, detect, or resolve issue of fraud or security.

c. Legal Service Provider may use your information for legal purposes.

i. For example, your information may assist Service Provider in ensuring that you are in compliance with the Terms of Use, including our intellectual property policies and the requirement that you not share your password with third parties. It may also be used as necessary to bring legal action against you in the event that you materially breach Service Provider’s Terms of Use.

ii. Service Provider may also share your information with law enforcement to assist in any criminal investigations against you or to comply with any laws or regulations.

iii. Service Provider may share your information with a debt collector or legal counsel to collect any fees or other monies owed by you or to otherwise enforce the Terms of Use.

iv. In some cases, Service Provider may be subpoenaed to provide your information in a civil or criminal matter. Service provider reserves the right to respond to a subpoena without the necessity of informing you, but Service Provider may provide you with an opportunity to seek to quash the subpoena before responding, in service provider’s sole discretion.

3. Data Security

Service Provider takes reasonable efforts to ensure that sensitive or personally-identifying information and data it collects remains secure. It uses reasonable measures any time sensitive, personal information is transmitted. However, nothing is perfect, and Service Provider cannot guarantee that hackers or other cyber-criminals will never be capable of infiltrating its systems. For this reason, you acknowledge and accept that you assume any risk that such breaches may occur despite these measures being in place. Non personally-identifying information may be shared publicly for any purpose.

4. Emails

a. Emails from Service Provider. When you sign up for one or more of the Sites, you provide Service Provider with an accurate email address. Service Provider maintains a member directory so that it may email you from time-to-time. These emails may concern matters Service Provider thinks you may find interesting, including but not limited to new Sites, programs, and services. Emails from Service Provider and its affiliates are not SPAM, as you have a business relationship with Service Provider as soon as you join one or more of the Sites, and you agree they should not otherwise be deemed as unsolicited.

b. Emails to Service Provider. If you contact Service Provider via email or via any link on one of the Sites, you should be aware that the information you transmit should not be considered private or secure. Please do not transmit any information you would not want to become public.


If you would like to update your information, please e-mail us. From time to time, we may email you with special offers with your consent; you may opt-out of those offers through the email or by contacting us as noted below. If you otherwise would like to contact us for a privacy-related matter, please use the following e-mail address: [email protected]